Trace Elements Analysis Laboratories Holdings (Pty) Ltd. proudly announces the launch of TEA-METALLURGICAL LABORATORY, the first multi-million Namibian-owned laboratory facility of its kind. The laboratory was first softly launched in Windhoek on August 30, 2023, coinciding with the inaugural day of the Mining Expo, and subsequently in Swakopmund on September 9, 2023. TEA-MET is jointly owned by two dynamic young Africans, Wensia Ruiters, and Kevin Mwashuma.

At both launch events, Wensia Ruiters emphasized the importance of collaboration within Namibia’s scientific community. “Namibia is too small for fellow laboratories to be in competition with each other; our real competitors are outside our borders. South Africa, France, Australia, and Germany are our competition. I believe that we are capable enough to service Namibia. I believe that Africa can service Africa.” she stated. Ruiters highlighted the limited market size, explaining that many scientists lack a platform to apply their skills. “So, what we basically did was create a platform for scientists who have gone to school for a very long time to come and practice their trade and create industry-specific solutions that will grow and develop our market, our mining industry, the country, and the economy.”

Hon. Neville Andre, the Governor of the Erongo Region, commended TEA-MET for its pioneering efforts, stating, “This laboratory will serve as a vital hub for collaboration between industry, academia, and government. It will facilitate an exchange of ideas, expertise, and resources, fostering a culture of cooperation and synergy” He urged fellow Namibians to utilize the country’s resources and no longer send samples abroad for analysis.

Hafeni Hamukoto, a senior associate at Business Financial Solutions, emphasized the need to increase investment in African start-ups that provide unique solutions to challenges. “We have so many mines in Namibia, and they contribute to our GDP, yet all of them still send their samples abroad and to South Africa. I look at the concept, and it makes sense, but why has it not been done before?” Hamukoto called for more funding for start-ups to bring innovative ideas like TEA-MET to life.

Founded in 2008, TEA Laboratories has played a pivotal role in the Namibian mining industry, specializing in radiation biomonitoring for uranium mine workers. Their services include testing for trace elements in urine and water. With the establishment of TEA-METALLURGICAL LABORATORY, the laboratory now offers a comprehensive range of analyses for exploration, mining, and environmental samples. TEA-MET’s cutting-edge facilities and expertise position it as a prominent player in the Namibian mining industry.

TEA Laboratories has always been dedicated to providing precise and reliable analyses. The launch of TEA-Met underscores their commitment to advancing scientific knowledge locally through innovation while solidifying their position as a market leader in the laboratory service industry.

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