Charity starts at home. We are sure many have heard this saying before. You learn to give because you have been taught to give. It is then, that you know that giving is not only the act of extending your hands, but it is making sure that your heart extends just as far, if not further, as your hands have. Charity is not just giving, but it is the very thought of creating change whether significant or not is important and can have an impact on many.

Two years ago, a project called The Winter Charity Drive was established, to make change within the communities that happen to be abandoned. The Winter Charity Drive was founded by Damien Mbanga, who is passionate about creating change within our communities. He recruited his close friends and family to help him make the event a success and every winter since 2021, they made it a mission to cater to the needs of the residents thereof.

This year, they targeted residents in Freedom Land, who happen to live in a riverbed. This small community of 28 families, has no access to proper basic living needs, and some families have been sleeping in the riverbed with nothing but a blanket. After visiting the area, they were going to cater to, they highlighted the most important needs of the community.

Every year, The Winter Charity Drive had different sponsors for the event, and this year, TEA Labs was a sponsor, along with many other sponsors. TEA Labs is just as passionate about creating an opportunity for the less privileged to feel part of a loved, and wanted community.

Poverty is not a new phenomenon and poses many challenges for people to overcome. The COVID-19 pandemic and the associated periods of lockdown highlighted this more widely although it was a challenge which needed addressing long before. The Winter Charity Drive is very active in providing the needed solutions to overcome this challenge.

NewsThe Winter Charity Drive – June 2023